Auditing and Assessments

To maintain a successful organization, your business must ensure quality and safety standards are adhered to at all levels of your operations. Doing this reduces risks and allows the continual growth of your business.

SafeCheck® Brand protection has experienced and dedicated staff that will work directly with your team to achieve your companies’ goals and maintain the highest standards through your entire business.

Our comprehensive audit and assessment programs are developed in close communication with your team, using the latest technologies and procedures to create the best program.

Our assessments and reviews are designed to be educational and effective in correcting deficiencies. Specialist are bonded and insured with full WCB coverage.

SafeCheck® Brand protection is committed to ensuring all programs are built and handled in a way that works best for YOU! Your assessments, your way, to serve your brand best! By partnering with SafeCheck® Brand Protection you guarantee a piece of mind when it comes to your brands name and reputation.

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Key Features

  • SafeCheck® Brand Protection Assesments and Reviews
  • Your Review, Your Way
  • Reduced Costs for Maintenance and Repairs

  • Facility Audits
  • Move-In-Move-Out Reports

Who can we help?

SafeCheck® Brand Protection caters to multiple industry sectors but is not limited to any of the below.


Your brand is important to you, and in today’s social environment one review can change the entire success of your brand. You want all your restaurants to meet the same level of standards, service and quality with each visit. With our brand protection audits we ensure that your brand is covered with a top to bottom approach. Ensure your franchises or corporate stores are all following the same standards, to keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Convenience Stores

With the ever growing variety of products offered in convenience stores and gas stops, companies have more than ever an enormous number of product offerings. From hot food to packaged items, customers are using these locations as a one stop shop for all their needs on the go. Ensuring your customers are satisfied means offering the exact same service at every location nation wide. SafeCheck® is partnered with multiple convenience chains and works hand in hand with these brands to help maintain the same standards across their chain. Using our state-of-the-art audit system SAFECHECK AUDITOR we provide a continuously updated wealth of information from, store to corporate level. We guarantee your brand is held to the same standard company wide.


At the forefront of a consumers shopping habits, grocers have a tremendous responsibility to offer the best service in the safest manner. As a grocer you offer the greatest variety of products, from fresh produce to packaged goods to household items. Your products should all be kept at the same standard chain wide. Our staff has worked with hundreds of grocery stores and are experienced in working with your stores to make sure they are following your corporate standards.

Producers and Packagers

As a producer, you are the first step in ensuring that products are handled safely and to your brands standards. With large scale production facilities it can be difficult to keep every moving part up to par. SafeCheck® Brand Protection is experienced working with producers and can help guarantee your brand is held to the same standard company wide.

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