Trained staff is critical to maintaining top food safety standards. By having your staff certified in food safety, your brand adds an additional layer of protection against the risks associated with food handling. We are proud to offer companies the best rates for online food safety training and certification. By working with your team we will develop the most effective food safety training platform that fits your brands specific needs.

Our easy to use learning management system allows your staff to work through fully interactive training and certification programs at their own pace and on their own time. The interactive and industry leading teaching techniques used in our courses provide your staff with the top tier, government approved food safety training.
Corporate account options allow your management team to use a custom built learning portal, in which they can administer training and certification as they need to their teams. Your learning portal is branded to reinforce your company.

Corporate accounts provide companies the ability to access training records, print certificates and generate detailed reports quickly and easily. Generate reports yourself or have our team build scheduled reports to keep your administrators up to date with training records and progress.
Each company has unique requirements in regards to staff training. Let our team customize training to ensure your team understands the specific requirements in regards to your company’s food safety needs.

Providing certification at a cost that fits your company is important to us. We work with you to find the most cost effective strategy to certify your staff and ensure food safety is top priority.