Food Safety Programs

Food safety is the foundation on which SafeCheck® Brand Protection was built. Our team of experienced staff carries the highest levels of food safety knowledge. By partnering with SafeCheck®
Brand Protection you ensure that your organization will be educated by top food safety professionals.

Education is a top priority when it comes to food safety within your organization. SafeCheck® is partnered with Canadian Food Safety Group. Through this partnership we can provide your organization with food safety training and certification programs at a value better than our competitors.

By educating your staff, you mitigate risk, which in todays environment is an ever-growing concern. Food safety must be a top priority in the entire food safety industry, and our team strives to ensure it’s held at the highest standards within your company.


With food safety an increasingly prominent issue in todays society, it is key that your restaurants are meeting both government regulations as well as your own internal regulations. With the speed in which news travels, one incident of poor food safety could damage or destroy your entire brand. SafeCheck® Brand Protection works directly with your company to build an industry leading food safety program, and ensures these practices are followed by every restaurant in your brand through audits, assessments and leading technologies.

Convenience Stores

The ability to offer a host of new hot and fresh items along with the pre-existing options offered through convenience locations also comes with additional potential food safety hazards. Allowing your customers a quick and convenient food option brings the responsibility to ensure food is safe from arrival to consumption. Our team of experienced food safety professionals will help to protect your customers and your brand in all areas of food safety.


As a grocer, you offer thousands of products many of which are temperature and time sensitive. With multiple freezers, coolers, ovens and hot tables it is difficult to keep all areas up to par with regards to their food safety standards. You need to make sure your food is kept safe from purchasing to consumer consumption. Our software SAFECHECK AUDITOR allows us to keep your entire chain up to date with critical aspects of food safety. Corrective actions and triggers are tracked through our software with updates available immediately at the corporate level.


As a producer, you’re responsible for ensuring your products are kept safe at all times. We have seen many high profile examples of food safety breakdowns in the production chain leading to illness, death and lawsuits. To ensure the safety of consumers, and the well being of your business it is critical that food safety programs such as HACCP and other internal regulations are kept at the highest standard. SafeCheck® Brand Protection works with you to build and implement the highest food safety protocols within your facilities.

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